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GoPro Goes 0-160 mph In Seconds

Launching a camera off an aircraft carrier is exactly the sort of activity that my friends and I discuss doing while drinking. These guys actually did it.


After a lot of hope and effort, the video for 148 is officially lost. I know. 4 of you are disappointed. The audio is still available.

Have a happy July 4th weekend, everybody. Posting should return to normal next week.

Video From Sunday Night

EDIT: The video for episode 148 appears to have been lost and is currently audio only. I am attempting to recover the file, but it's not going well. I'll notify if/when we get it back.

Episode 148 has issues that I gotta fix later tonight, but the rest is good.


Live Show Tonight

Friday. . . ish

Please take the time to check out the music I linked below. Chris' last show on the podcast as a regular is this Sunday, so please tune in and say hi. I am just full of polite requests, aren't I? I will embed the stream here as per usual. Have a good weekend, everybody. Hope to see you Sunday.

Game of Thrones is on hiatus and there's no NFL football. Come hang with your friends!

Wickerman (brainSTATIC Remix)

Here it is. The first ever remix we've done. Chris and I hope you like it. Thanks to Melissa's band The Tomb Of Nick Cage for providing us with great source material.

Circix Music

Due in a little while as well, the first ever brainSTATIC remix. I finally uploaded the music I did with my partner Eddie from bitcastermusic. It's on a seperate channel from the normal brainSTATIC stuff. Check it out. Subscribe if you want. Clicks for views are always apprecaited. Thanks for your support so far. We got a lot more coming.

HD Video From Space

If you aren't fascinated by this, I can't comprehend what would. Just full screen and click already.


Chris' last podcast as a regular is a week from Sunday. Join us in wishing him well as he moves to New York.

In the meantime, have a good weekend.


The NFC South teams (including my Saints) traded the best kind of trash talk: pics, gifs, and memes. Link to thread here.

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