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Don Hertzfeldt's "Billy's Balloon"

Live show TONIGHT. Yes, CAPS for EMPHASIS. I'll embed the stream here a little before we get started. Can't catch us on Ustream? I'll be fiddling with Meerkat, which will give you some of the experience through Twitter (@vexxin if you're too lazy to click the "t" button over there on the right). Meerkat will not have audio from the stories, but if you have no other option, there you go.

In the meantime, here's the sick story of some. . . mean balloons. To quote Ben, "I felt bad for laughing at this."


Live show Monday night! Should be a full crew on hand. Come tune in our Ustream or follow us on Twitter and see this Meerkat thing all the kids are talking about.

Happy weekend everybody.

Ben Sent This To Me

Allow me to introduce a new segment. It's an old segment that we've been doing a while, but I never gave it a title. Now it has a title.

Color For Colorblind

Valspar Paint has come up with some glasses that allow colorblind people to see spectrums of color they previously could not see. Plus they look like '70s cops glasses, and that's always a good thing.

Meerkat Footage From Last Night

I gave Meerkat a test run last night. While we had a number of people check it out through the night, nobody pointed out that everything is only in portrait mode. So even though I filmed everything in landscape so you can see the entire stage, what you see is only what it captured. . . which is zoomed and cropped to center stage. Boo Meerkat.

None of this takes away from the great job Melissa and company did last night. The entire lineup was great, actually. We're just partial to TTONC.

Heroes Of The Storm Gameplay, No Commentary

Friend of mine got me a beta key. Go figure, I'm actually enjoying a moba. I'm pretty terrible at it, but I'm enjoying it.

Pardon the video quality. Slowly working out the problems.

Street Fighter Modded With Big Hero 6 Characters

I would have liked to have seen some audio added in as well, but the visuals work well enough.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much pain are you going to be in when I'm finished with you?

Still Nope

Just because you add water and a ride-in cage doesn't mean I'm any more inclined to ride it.


It's been a busy week, and it's going to be a busier weekend. The entire crew will be on hand at The Tomb of Nick Cage's show at Southport Hall on Sunday evening. That's going to be a fun time. If you see us, feel free to say hello.

In the meantime, a somber song from a movie I admittedly never saw. It's a take on the old bugle funeral. song often heard at, well, military funerals. I realize this paragraph completely contrasts with the tone of the first one, but I think we'll all be ok. It's all going to be ok.

Live show a week from Monday on March 30th. Tune in. We'll at least be more energetic than this song, I promise. I'm all over the place and I'm babbling. Have a good weekend, everybody.

Car Fails

I've been keeping tabs on a number of the automotive sites as I await the verdict on Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear's fate. I will not deny my typical American tendencies and pretend I don't enjoy a good car crash video, and they have some good ones. I embedded two of them below. Some of the videos in the link have some NSFW shenanigans in them.

A scooter driver drives awfully. No seriously. Really, really awfully.

Man gets into fight with gate and loses. A lot.

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