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Minecraft Word Processor

Somebody built a functioning word processor in Minecraft. It was as big a task as you think it was. Two. Years. Two years of effort landed Koala his Minecraft creation that can use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. He plans on adding memory so you can save your work.

Leonard Nimoy's Last Tweet

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. He was an icon of the sci-fi community that contributed immeasurable enrichment to my own upbringing. His final tweet is embedded below. LLAP stand, of course, for Live Long And Prosper.

Basset Hound Clown Car

I'm not going to cheat and put up yet another music video. Instead, check out Melissa's band The Tomb Of Nick Cage for your musical entry, linked a few stories down. For this weekend, check out a whole lot of basset hound pouring out of a doghouse. I love the tails. Yes, I'm a schmuck.


The people over at FiveThirtyEight have a very extensive article on how Madden ratings are calculated. If you're a NFL nerd or a stats nerd, it's worth a read. . . a very long read.

Adult Power Rangers Is Surprisingly Good. . . And Very NSFW

I never watched Power Rangers as a kid. It was a bit over the top even for me. It's over-the-top cheery nature is certainly absent in this completely new take. This is quite dark. It's also, as stated in the title completely NSFW. And it also stars James Van Der Beek. Just thought I'd throw that out there. (via Polygon)

UPDATE: As you can see, Vimeo pulled the plug on Joseph Kahn's short. There's a SFW version on YouTube still available, which I've embedded below. Kahn went on a bit of a Twitter rant explaining why it was pulled from Vimeo.

UPDATE 2: Aaaaaaand it's gone. Hope you caught it while it was up

POWER/RANGERS from Joseph Kahn on Vimeo.

Friday! Wait . . .

We're doing the Friday entry for this week earlier than usual. Fans of the podcast are are already familiar with Melissa's band the Tomb of Nick Cage. They put out their first video with a song that we've featured on the podcast. Give the lady some clicks!

Video From Last Night

Links as always are in the descriptions. Thanks for checking us out, and we'll do it again soon! Real soon. Not in a creepy way kinda soon, just soon. That still sounds creepy, doesn't it?

Live Show Tonight

Getting started around 730pm Central time. Interact live via signing into Ustream!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


I cheated with the Dropkick Murphies not that long ago. I won't cheat and do another music entry. How about an iPad magician to change things up? I confess, this guy doesn't mystify me as much as other magicians, but his act is entertaining. His finale is also pretty remarkable.

Live show this Sunday, around 730pm central. Tune in and say hi!

Sober Now

We will be live this Sunday. Check us out, football is over!

My usual Friday post will be up later. In the meantime, here's a first person parkour video made to help promote Dying Light. Real life zombies would be beyond terrifying, even with this guy's skillset. I wouldn't stand a chance.

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