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What better way to bring in the weekend with a couple of guys making strange faces while they tear up a couple of cellos? Yes, ok, pizza and beer would make it better. Fine. You win.

Paper Sculptures

I have officially hit the limits of my mental hard drive. What I mean by that is I'm not sure if I linked to something like this before or not. A search didn't turn anything up, so I'm assuming I haven't. Right. On with it.

These sculptures are as pretty to look at as they are freaky once you realize how they're put together. They go from looking ordinary to extraordinary with a simple lift or bend.

The method used is not explained in the video.

Ken Block Is Insane

Ken Block has a new hooning video? That's a linking.

Ski With A Lightsuit

There will be no live show tonight, as the studio is still under construction. I did put a couple of pictures up on my Twitter, which is linked with the icon on the right. More needs to be done before we can broadcast, realistically.

In the meantime, please accept something pretty to hold you over. Going to ski in a lightsuit provides some pretty pretty images. Have a good Monday, and we'll talk as soon as we can reschedule.

AFTERGLOW - Lightsuit Segment from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.


Live show this Monday over at our Ustream, probably starting between 730 and 8pm central time. Embed will be posted, but we like to encourage people to sign in and chat with us live. We do monitor the chat as we broadcast, and we always love seeing new faces.

Have a good weekend everybody.

Minecraft Vs Mario

It's been a heavy gaming related week. Keeping with that theme, andrewfilms has a pretty well done idea about what it might look like if gaming's most recognized plumber ran into a character from gaming's most famous . . . blocky franchise.

Live show Monday night! See you at our Ustream.

World Of Warcraft Hits 10 Years

While a lot of this certainly involves a lot of corporate speak, this hour long video does provide a window behind the scenes of what is, arguably, one of the greatest games ever made. I played it myself for years. If you're a WoW dork, While my time in Azeroth has come to a close, I remember the game fondly. It's impressive that it's still persisting strong.


I caved and got another Call of Duty. Kevin Spacey and a fresh company's take on it was enough to draw me in. It's been a while since I've written a review, and this game may break that. It's a bit early to tell, and I'm neck deep in work on the next project, but if I find words they will be posted here. It's always odd to post reviews late after release, but since I don't have access, I do what I can.

My music is returning back to the "adrenaline junkie" playlists as a direct result of my newest purchase. This Friday entry is in that vein. Have a good weekend.


This should not amuse me. I shouldn't laugh. I did. I'm not ashamed of it, but I'm not proud of it either.

Lion's Eye View Of The Kill

I wouldn't be caught within 20 feet of a lion if I could help it. Good luck keeping track of the marked beast while it's running from the lioness. It kinda jumps out towards the middle from nowhere when you finally see it.

I wouldn't consider this video to be particularly graphic, but I acknowledge that there are some who will feel a bit odd watching nature in it's brutal form. If you're nervous about that sort of thing, maybe skip this video.

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