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The YouTube videos are ready for episodes 105-107. Audio will be ready today at some point (I hope), as well as more detailed descriptions. I need to hire a secretary.


Even with these changes, I still wouldn't watch golf on TV.  I would be more inclined to play it, however, if it had even a fraction of what some gifted video editors spliced in to the footage below. I really want somebody to make a goofy golf course the size of a full blown one. Giant windmills would just be a start. (via Deadspin)

Finger Dexterity

Do I owe you a pretty video to make up for the man bashing a brick suspended from his head? I suppose I do. It's a more mellow way to start your week to watch a man using the dexterity of his fingers rather than . . . yeah.

Recover quickly, though. We're live on Ustream tonight, starting around 8-830 central time. Sign in and talk to us if you're around! If not, interact with us on Facebook/YouTube afterwards. We love it when there's fan interaction.

Video From Last Night

The benefit for the Louisiana Modified Dolls was pretty packed last night. I'll go into more detail with that next podcast. For now, here's a couple of videos I took from the event. Well done, ladies.


Our friends in the Louisiana Modified Dolls have their event Saturday night! I should be in attendance, so come say hello.

Also, Ustream show Monday night, starting around 8-830pm Central.

With the plugs out of the way, let's get to the weekend. There are times you want a deep, poetic experience out of your music, and there are other times you want the comfort of something more . . . predictable. I don't intend that to come off condescending. It doesn't have to be a complete moving experience. It can be the equivalent of candy. A sugar rush now and again isn't going to hurt you. Can I get this metaphor any more convoluted? Yikes. Cue the music. See you this weekend.

Road, Road, TRUCK

Have you ever wondered what it might look like if a cement truck lost control, was headed right for you, and you didn't have enough time to react? Wonder no more. Hold on to your cheeks. (via Deadspin)

Paralyzed Men Move Again

It's not a complete victory, as they can't walk unaided. It's still remarkable how far we've come, however. Even a little victory is better than what they had before. (via BBC)

Creepy Disney Character Behavior

Or, if you prefer the actual video's title, Things Disney Characters Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them. Right. Long title, but it's a quick video. Credit the main actor for his delivery.

Don't Blink

You don't have to be into any motorsport to appreciate a team working in tandem perfection. The video below is nearly a minute long, but the stop itself takes seconds. It takes roughly 20 people to get this done faster than I can dig my keys out of my pocket.


Sometimes, you just want a great straight-up rock song to bring you into the weekend. Don't need anything fancy, just some guitars and a drum kit. Having Dave Grohl certainly helps. Dispense all pretense at the door and let's not be strangers 'til Monday, yeah?

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