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According to Jalopnik, Texas A&M's Transportation Institute was charged by the US State Department to construct a way to stop a truck with explosives dead in it's tracks. The results? Well . . .

Forget Smart Watches, I Want This Wristband

I have seen nothing that makes me want to consider a smart watch. This wearable drone, however, might get my money. It's called Nixie, and it's a contestant for Intel's Make It Wearable competition. The drone can be released with a flick of the wrist. Once it's in flight, it will take a picture of you and automatically return to your arm for future use. (via Digital Trends)

Wrist drone > wrist watch.

Up Late Update

Consider this a Friday supplemental. As I work on my new (still unannounced for now) project, I found myself going back through some old titles I used to play. I played the hell out of what was on the SNES Final Fantasy 2, but in Japan it was numbered 4. A lot of the music, despite being in 16 bit, still holds up. The complete track listing is in the YouTube description if you want to get pointed to specific titles.


Back in episode 114, we pondered what might happen if Kanye West was removed from Kanye West songs. I was surprised that I couldn't find anything like that during the session. Credit Narviee on Twitter for finding not only one example, but the example we were talking about during the show.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

South Park Skewers Washington Redskins

Why did I stop watching South Park again? It's South Park, so I imagine NSFW is implied.

Old Black And White Photos Turned Into GIFs

Kevin Weir has taken old black and white paintings and given them the animation treatment. The results . . . made my hair stand on end a little bit. Well the first one of the woman did, anyway. While some of the rest are also creepy, there's more than one that are just cool.

Video From Last Night

There were some new faces in the Ustream chat. We love being an interactive show, and we encourage that as much as we can. Next show should be mid-October, and our friends from the House of Goats are likely dropping in to say hi.

Live Show Tonight

You can interact with the show via our Ustream. Come say hi!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Another entry from Ben. Have a good weekend, everybody. Live show Sunday around 730p Central time. Sign into Ustream and say hi!

Worst Fight Scene Ever

Or maybe it's the best? Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee have nothing on these guys. This is awful acting, directing, choreography, camera work . . . I'm not sure there was anybody on set at the time this was filmed that knew what the hell they were doing. If there were, surely they were heavily influenced by all the suck around them and began to fall into lower tiers by proximity.

Ben sent this to me. We can all thank him for this.

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