Lockheed Martin has a functioning laser. We have a new weekend. I confess, I'm not that big of a fan of the actual video below. I don't often care for the "story" at the beginning of the music video. This is certainly not an exception to that. Frankly I don't care for the actual video at all; I just really enjoyed the song when I heard it on a podcast. You can skip the first minute and 10 seconds if you want to get straight to the music like I do.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

Foil Board Looks Like You're Hovering

Nope. I won't do it. I'll totally watch somebody else do it, but I don't have it in me to even attempt this.

. . . it does look pretty badass.

Minecraft Word Processor

Somebody built a functioning word processor in Minecraft. It was as big a task as you think it was. Two. Years. Two years of effort landed Koala his Minecraft creation that can use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. He plans on adding memory so you can save your work.

Leonard Nimoy's Last Tweet

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. He was an icon of the sci-fi community that contributed immeasurable enrichment to my own upbringing. His final tweet is embedded below. LLAP stand, of course, for Live Long And Prosper.

Basset Hound Clown Car

I'm not going to cheat and put up yet another music video. Instead, check out Melissa's band The Tomb Of Nick Cage for your musical entry, linked a few stories down. For this weekend, check out a whole lot of basset hound pouring out of a doghouse. I love the tails. Yes, I'm a schmuck.


The people over at FiveThirtyEight have a very extensive article on how Madden ratings are calculated. If you're a NFL nerd or a stats nerd, it's worth a read. . . a very long read.

Adult Power Rangers Is Surprisingly Good. . . And Very NSFW

I never watched Power Rangers as a kid. It was a bit over the top even for me. It's over-the-top cheery nature is certainly absent in this completely new take. This is quite dark. It's also, as stated in the title completely NSFW. And it also stars James Van Der Beek. Just thought I'd throw that out there. (via Polygon)

UPDATE: As you can see, Vimeo pulled the plug on Joseph Kahn's short. There's a SFW version on YouTube still available, which I've embedded below. Kahn went on a bit of a Twitter rant explaining why it was pulled from Vimeo.

UPDATE 2: Aaaaaaand it's gone. Hope you caught it while it was up

UPDATE 3: And it's back up again. io9 has an interview with the director where he gets asked about the ping ponging status of his movie.

POWER/RANGERS from Joseph Kahn on Vimeo.

Friday! Wait . . .

We're doing the Friday entry for this week earlier than usual. Fans of the podcast are are already familiar with Melissa's band the Tomb of Nick Cage. They put out their first video with a song that we've featured on the podcast. Give the lady some clicks!

Video From Last Night

Links as always are in the descriptions. Thanks for checking us out, and we'll do it again soon! Real soon. Not in a creepy way kinda soon, just soon. That still sounds creepy, doesn't it?

Episode 135: Slender

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Melissa, Chris   

Recorded with episodes 133 and 134. Interrogation tapes released for the two 12 year old girls that stabbed another girl and blamed it on Slender Man / Being 9 months pregnant and not realizing it is apparently a thing

Video available on YouTube

Episode 134: Like Feet And Buttholes

Featuring: Nick, Melissa, Chris, Ben    

Recorded with Episodes 133 and 135. Old man hits several cars in a parking lot, yet will not be charged / Guess the adorable sound / Longsword fighting tournaments / ET would not fly as a movie if it was made today / Responses to negative Yelp reviews land a business owner in jail / Ex-IMF chief has only "had a few" sex parties, leading to Chris telling very similar stories

Video available on YouTube

Episode 133: OUTRAGE!

Featuring: Nick, Melissa, Ben, Chris    

Recorded with episodes 134 and 135. Daytime television / A skinny person loses weight with a diet based on Superbowl advertising / Afroman punches a girl who snuck on stage / A Mardi Gras throw sparks some . . . expression of discontent

Video available on YouTube

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