Friday. . . Sorta

Early post for this week, as I’ll be enjoying the holiday for the next few days. Granted, I’ll be working some of it, but it’s all good. I’m far from the only one, after all. Thank you for your support. It’s what’s kept this site going.

Video From Sunday Night

All audio, as always, is posted at Thanks for your support.

Star Wars Spoofed As Sea Wars

Oh, you sly dogs over at the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. . . you had me at your mop bucket. (via foxtrotalpha)


For better or for worse, we will be live Sunday the 22nd. Tune in at our Ustream, catch us after on YouTube, download our RSS, or just ignore us completely! With a little Bob Marley, it’s impossible to be mad at you. It’s going to be a great weekend.

GTA V Given Full Immersion Treatment

As a home rig, this wouldn’t make much sense. I could see this getting implemented next to similar rigs in arcades.

Virtual Reality Dungeons And Dragons

Because nerds like me need more reasons to not leave the house.


Next show will be November 22nd! In the meantime, have a good weekend. Thanks for your support.

Up Late Update

Bill Burr might be my favorite comic working right now. I found this clip from Conan’s site, and now I’m watching multiple clips of Burr on Conan’s show. This one, he cracks Conan up pretty well by criticizing Oprah’s approach to Lance Armstrong.