Live show this weekend. I'll embed the stream here on Sunday. See you then.

ILM Turns 40, Doesn't Acknowledge Combover

Happy 40th to one of the biggest special effects companies out there. Founded by George Lucas for his Star Wars films in 1975, they've crammed a ton of their work into 1 minute to wish themselves a happy "over the hill" birthday.

Also celebrating a birthday (Soon! See what I did there?) will be this very site on June 1st. To celebrate, we will be live Sunday evening with a couple of announcements. Tune in. Say hi. Have fun. Watch Game of Thrones after.

Up Late Update

Ricky Schroder was given an embed with troops in Afghanistan. His conversation with Joe Rogan, I found to be quite illuminating.

JRE #652 - Ricky Schroder from JoeRogan on Vimeo.

Memorial Day

Thanks to all who have served and all currently serving.


Today's Friday entry was brought to you by this tweet from Mr. Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. How serious is he?

Such synthy . . . synthness.

Check out the song and decide for yourself. Have a good weekend, everybody. Next live show is Sunday, May 31st. Come hang!

Jeremy Clarkson Interview

The former Top Gear frontman finally grants an interview post-firing from his old gig.

Delta's Safety Video Has So Many Memes

The video is largely getting understandably blasted. It's attempts humor by forcing as many references to anything Internet related into 6 minutes as they can cram. Anyone who's been on a flight knows how boring those safety talks are, so I can at least appreciate some sort of attempt to add a little spice. I don't think it's as bad as most of the commenters think it is, but don't expect a ton of laughs either. Frankly, I think they just tried to do too much. A few subtle things here and there might have had a different effect. Judge for yourself.

Shake It Off Police Dash Cam

With over 34 million views, I am clearly late to this. It's a police officer lip syncing in his patrol car to Shake It Off, and it's new to me.

Super Cell Time-Lapse

In real time, storms that spawn tornadoes make nature look like a living, breathing thing. In a time-lapse format, that effect gets magnified. Full screen is a must.

Ambulance Driver Has GTA Skills

I've attempted to drive like this in games and failed horribly. This guy is covering a ridiculous amount of ground quite quickly, although in questionable overall safety relative to his fellow motorists. I'm torn between absolutely wanting this guy coming to get me and absolutely NOT wanting him to come get me. LiveLeak claims this is out of Budapest.


I watched Montage of Heck documentary this week. It'l likely come up next podcast. If you have access to HBO, I highly recommend checking it out. If you grew up in the '90s and Nirvana meant anything to you, it paints a much more full picture of the front man who cut his career short than was previously shown in media clippings. Hell, even if you aren't a Nirvana fan, it's still a haunting story.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

Jetpacks Over Dubai

This is going to make you want a jetpack more than you already did. Note that there's a lot of filler in this, but it's still an amazing watch.

Full screen this one.

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