I’m about 10 pounds heavier, and perhaps still not sober. The detox has begun. The next show is later this month (the 21st). We’re hoping for all hands on deck for that one.

In the meantime, have a good weekend. I’m going back to bed. Not because of a hangover, no. Cause I’m just tired. Right.

Out For Mardi Gras

I’ll check back in, perhaps in varying states of sobriety, at some point this week.


It’s Mardi Gras weekend, everybody. Have a good one. My updating may be sporadic.

One last moment of gaming “solemnity” before the ridiculousness begins. How about a live choir performance of Dragonborn from Skyrim? That’ll do.

Never Play The Lottery

It’s been a while since we’ve had an entry in the brainSTATIC “Never Play The Lottery” series. For those unacquainted, it’s pretty simple. These are people that have had such a close brush with death, they’ve clearly used all luck available for any game of chance.

In this edition, we have a couple of warnings. One is a volume warning, there’s a lot of screaming. They also happen to be screaming obscenities (understandably), so be careful playing this at work. These are people that almost got struck by lightning.

Again, possibly NSFW.

The View From Atop The Pyramids Is Amazing

Worth noting, it’s also probably illegal. Going up looks somewhat simple. It’s going down that would rack my nerves. Full screen is a must.


It’s the weekend. We made it. Have a good one.

Video From Last Night

We are aware of the weird audio issues, and we hopefully will have them fixed for next show. Thanks to Chuck for filling in for a cascade of issues over the past two weeks. All audio has been uploaded to as always. Here’s two clips from last night’s shows.

Live Show Tonight

Monday evening, starting soon . . .

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream