DIY Holograms

You can turn your smart phone into a small hologram generator with a pretty minimal amount of effort.

Death Metal Rooster . . . And Dog

Ben sent this to me.

Most Dangerous Roads

You're going to have to forgive the horrible audio. It's a toss-up as to the terrible mic quality or the narrator's flat delivery that make the audible experience questionable, but the content consists of roads that would make even some of the most experienced drivers timid.


While attending the Psychostick concert on Wednesday with my podcast co-host Melissa, she chastised me for not being familiar with Adam Ant. Once I heard the song I somewhat recognized it. Had you put a gun to my head and asked me who that was, I'd have looked at you funny for putting me in such a strange dilemma. Once that past though, I wouldn't have had a shot in guessing the name of who made this song.

Anyway. Here's some upcoming dates to keep in mind:

Saturday, August 29th: The Nebulous reunion show at Twist of Lime in Metairie, LA. This is a 21 and over show with a 5 dollar cover. Come hang with your friends!.

Sunday, August 30th: The last ever brainSTATIC podcast. We will be relaunching with a re-focused show that's along the same lines, but with some changes to try to make the show a whole lot better. All specifics should be announced then.

The website is also getting a makeover, and that should be happening within the next month or two. Probably in September, however . . . things have been a bit hectic late.

Anyway, without further delay, here's Adam Ant to dance us into the weekend with red leather pants.

Video From Last Night

Here it is.

Episode 152: Never Retreat. Attack.

Ben and Nick musically take a Zimbio quiz to find out if we're an Alien, Predator, or a Terminator. Video available on YouTube

Episode 150: $@

New show formats are discussed / Ben posts pics of Richard III over at our Facebook / The plan for the last brainSTATIC podcast is discussed (coming up next month!) / Twitter fights joke thieves.  Video available on YouTube

Live Show Tonight

We will be live later tonight. Feel free to login and say hi!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Live show this Sunday. Have a good weekend everybody.

Motorcycle Limbo

How low can you go depends almost exclusively on how flexible you are. (via Lanesplitter)

Scientists Control Mouse Brain

I don't want to sound alarmist. I don't want to be that guy who denounces technology like an old man, however. . . does this seem a bit unsettling to anyone else? Should we really be trying to control living being's brains? The potential benefits for humans are there as well, but I would imagine this opens the door for something akin to a Manchurian candidate. I suppose this is where we're going, benefits and consequences alike.

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