Seasonal allergies are keeping me confined to my couch for the time being. Did you check out the show from last Sunday? Previous shows? Check them out and if you like them, tell a friend.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

Video From Sunday Night

From all 3 episodes. Audio available below this post along with descriptions. Descriptions are also on YouTube. Descriptive descriptions! Unlike this one.

Episode 132: Never Better Or Above

Featuring: Nick, Melissa, Ben, Chris

Shaq commercial gets trippy / Belfie stick allows you to take selfies of your backside / Automato / Marlboro Man dies at 85 / Jimmy Kimmel's Tug Toner / Old man destroys car wash / People aren't honest when talking about the dead / Nick and Ben get ADD during Chris' discussion about incest

Video available on YouTube

Episode 131: Taste Testing One's Flavored Condoms

Featuring: Nick, Chris, Melissa, Ben  

There are flavored condoms in the studio for the crew to try. Yes, this is Chris' idea.

Video available on YouTube

Episode 130: I Hope You Get Bruised

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Chris, Melissa 

Voltaire Chicken makes his debut / Rainbow Dash sex doll leads to talk about "attractive cartoons" / A discussion about a list of the sluttiest states in America eventually leads to one of Nick's biggest on air embarrassments

Video available on YouTube

17x17x17 Rubics Puzzle Solved

I will have the video/audio from last night up by Wednesday.

In the meantime, here's one of those moments where I'm jealous of somebody's mental abilities. I can't even solve the smaller one. I can't imagine tackling something this large.

Live Show Tonight

Tonight, there shall be shenanigans. Lots of shenanigans. We're getting started around 8pm central time. Sign in to interact with the show live! Well, on a slight delay, but live-ish! Live sounds better, doesn't it?

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


A nerdy Friday for you, from the ReelNASA channel. Have a good weekend, everybody. Live show Sunday!

Hy Wire

Top Gear is likely my favorite show . . . in the world. I found out recently that Netflix carried old episodes of the show I hadn't seen. Imagine my surprise when one of the episodes in 2003 featured something I thought was only a recent development: a hydrogen powered car. Turns out GM has been developing this for quite a while, which doesn't surprise me. The fact that they had an operational vehicle in 2003 did suprise me.

Right. So this aired over 10 years ago. Why aren't we all driving one of these now? Well I suppose conspiracy theorists will have their own take, but it turns out while making hydrogen powered cars is possible, it's not really practical. To quote from

"Previous fuel cell designs incorporated a sizable amount of precious metals in their construction including platinum (a metal which costs over $1500 an ounce)."

Yeah, I suppose that might be a problem. That same article I just quoted from had mentioned that GM set pre-production goals for . . . 2015. Can we hope?

Scroll Slow

Live show Sunday! I think. Probably. I don't want to commit, it's too early and we just met.

Adam from Mythbusters linked this over at his Twitter. As much as I do enjoy this site on my PC, I do think it lends itself to mobile phone viewing a bit better.

I don't really have a relevant image for this, so here's a pic of a puppy I found on imgur.


Our first live show of the year will likely be a week from Sunday. Right now that's the plan.

For this week's musical entry, enter Chase Holfelder with a minor-key take on The Police's "Every Breath You Take". The original, frankly, can be taken in a bit of a stalker vibe already. Transitioning it to a minor key just ups the creep factor tremendously. It works.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

Nobody Is Real In Fight Club

I am a real fan of the movie Fight Club. This is not an overtly spectacular statement. The article I'm linking here, however, is full of spectacular statements revolving around theories of the movie. It starts with the flat statement that Marla is not real, and it just gets more twisted, but somehow more logical as it goes. How valid are these theories? Well, Chuck Palahniuk (the author of the book, for the unfamiliar . . . and really if you're unfamiliar, go read it. It's excellent.) linked to it over at his Facebook page. The author plans on adding more as he goes, which makes me wonder just how many times he's seen the movie. The explanations he gives are quite specific and lengthy.

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