Party Llama

It's a llama happily bouncing to DMX's "Up In Here". What else could you possibly want on your Wednesday?

Kid Mesmerized By Baseball

Do you remember being young? Before life beat you down? Before you had that awful breakup with your significant other? Remember how exciting even small things were? Right.

Just remember, no matter how excited you get today, you will not be as excited as this kid was to see this foul ball. (via Deadspin)

Droid Nightmare Fuel

This reminds me a lot of the "bad guy" bots you saw in the Star Wars series. While MorpHex MKII doesn't have blasters attached to it yet, the little guy is is capable of getting around in a multitude of ways. . . although only one particular method has any real speed to it. Happy Monday, y'all. (via Laughing Squid)


I would prefer the uncensored version of this song. Once I typed that sentence I actually paused for a minute and wondered if I ever would prefer the censored or shortened version of a song. It sounds like a challenge. Although I can't say for sure that such a song doesn't exist, I can't think of one. The artist made it, it should speak for itself. If it's too hot to handle for somebody, well, maybe they should just leave it alone.

I tend to prefer the "older" rap artists. Even if you disagreed with them, you could appreciate the messages that they were trying to convey were genuine. I feel like most modern rap artists have lost touch with actually having a message that doesn't revolve around drugs/women/riches. Public Enemy is one of those groups that has always had a message. Flava Flav has his outrageous clock, but I've never known anyone to doubt Chuck D's sincerity. It's music as a pointed art form, which happens to be my favorite flavor, regardless of genre.

Have a good weekend/holiday, y'all. There are good things coming.


Our host has informed us they're doing maintenance on the 18th (Friday). Service may be intermittent.

Phil Collins, Rapper

It's not uncommon for me to bookmark something for posting or podcasting and just forget about it for a long period of time. There are times where whatever it was is no longer relevant. An old video of Phil Collins rapping in an obnoxious manner? Always relevant.

Episode 106: Vulva Lover

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Chris, Melissa

Discussion about offensive language and context / Reborn babies

Video available on YouTube

Episode 105: Modified

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Chris, Melissa

Stories from the Louisiana Modified Dolls event

Video available on YouTube


The YouTube videos are ready for episodes 105-107. Audio will be ready today at some point (I hope), as well as more detailed descriptions. I need to hire a secretary.


Even with these changes, I still wouldn't watch golf on TV.  I would be more inclined to play it, however, if it had even a fraction of what some gifted video editors spliced in to the footage below. I really want somebody to make a goofy golf course the size of a full blown one. Giant windmills would just be a start. (via Deadspin)

Finger Dexterity

Do I owe you a pretty video to make up for the man bashing a brick suspended from his head? I suppose I do. It's a more mellow way to start your week to watch a man using the dexterity of his fingers rather than . . . yeah.

Recover quickly, though. We're live on Ustream tonight, starting around 8-830 central time. Sign in and talk to us if you're around! If not, interact with us on Facebook/YouTube afterwards. We love it when there's fan interaction.

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