They Got Away On What?

If you're planning on a life of crime, there are many necessary ingredients. You need a weapon. You need planning. You need steel nerves.

You also need a great getaway vehicle. These guys got that locked down. They'll never get caught.

Brad Pitt Visits Between Two Ferns

Even members of opposing political parties will tell you: it's hard to follow a President. On the heels of Obama's appearance on Between Two Ferns comes Brad Pitt's. It went . . . well.


The female solo artist is one hell of a populated genre that I really don't visit all that often. If I were to make a list, it would be pretty short. Fiona Apple seems genuine to me. Rather than babble any more, let's just get to the weekend. Have a good one, everybody.

Tablet Translates For The Deaf

This is one of those things I was surprised wasn't already done. This tablet claims it can interpret motions from sign language and translate it for the non-hearing-impaired. While it's accuracy and reliability have been called into question (even established voice recognition technologies such as Siri and Cortana get it wrong with some frequency), what isn't being called into question is it's potential. This is a device that has a use, whether it's in this prototype or a more advanced device down the line. (via arstechnica)

Video From Last Night

Guys who don't take themselves seriously are a perfect fit for our show. We love when these guys hang around.

Episode 126: House of Goats Part 2

In this episode we learn what DIsney Princess the House of Goats would be, among other things. We are educational, after all.

Video Available on YouTube

Episode 125: House of Goats Part 1

Our friends from the notorious metal band House of Goats stopped by and things quickly got chaotic. They don't take themselves seriously, and we love the vibe they bring. Check them out on Facebook, and see them live at Spanish Moon if you're in Baton Rouge on October 25th.

Video available on YouTube

Live Show Tonight

If you sign into Ustream, you can interact with the show live! Tonight, the House of Goats join us.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


PSA: Live show over at our Ustream Sunday at 8pm central. Our friends from the House of Goats will be stopping by to hang. Come talk with us! The stream will be embedded here prior to show time if you don't feel like hunting for it. Lazy bum.

Most adults look back on the music of their childhood with fondness and reverie. I am no exception to this. The so-called "Alternative" movement (I never cared for the name) was a welcome breath of fresh air, especially considering the age of ostentatiousness that it followed. Alternative wasn't about being over-the-top. It was about being overly subtle. Most bands associated with the era, I like to refer as artists of the simple. There was no shredding Iron Maiden guitar solo, but rather a few particular chords presented in just a slightly different way that you hadn't heard before.

There was certainly a lot of garbage as well. There's no denying that. I am likely pretty biased towards the movement as a whole based on pure nostalgia, though.

The previous generation tends pick out a few artists they don't like, label the entire genre based on a handful of popular bands, and then feels comfortable talking about the good 'ol days while looking down their noses at the young'uns and their "noise". This is nothing new. It's been happening for generations, and I doubt there's anything that can completely stop that trend.

The one encouraging thing that I have seen is that (bear in mind, this is just my personal corner of the world here) generally speaking, the generation coming up seems to be more open to music from the past. I've seen kids with Rolling Stones shirts, as well as kids sporting black leather jackets over their Ramones shirts. This wide embrace of music as a whole as opposed to singling out one particular era is cautiously encouraging.

I've largely ignored the Alternative bands on the Friday entries, and I'm going to make an effort to change that, starting here. No, not every week, just more frequently. The Meat Puppets' Backwater is a perfect embodiment of the Alternative movement. There's nothing in the song you haven't at least heard hints of in others' work. It's subtle. It's not flashy. It's there, and that '90s groove is unmistakable.

Have a good weekend, everybody. See you Sunday.

D'awww Moment: Baby Sea Turtles

Rough first half of the week? How about some baby sea turtles crawling for the ocean? Am I going to do this entire post in questions? Will I take a stand and say something firm? How obnoxious is this? Could I write headlines for local news sites for clickbait?

New Record Firework

Weighing in at 460kg (or just a bit over a ton for my fellow non-metric people), the new world record for largest detonated firework has been set. It was set off in Konosu, Japan and has been ratified by the people at Guiness. At what point does it stop being fireworks and start being a bomb?

Embedding has been disabled (Boooooo) so you can feel free to check out a video on YouTube or the BBC has it on autoplay as well

As far as the picture below, I found it on imgur and I can't help myself.


I feel like the song in this Friday entry could be used as an intro to a sports "They conquered adversity" story when they're showing the preparation before the actual game highlights. Or you could just look at it as a nice, mellow piano tune. Take your pick. Either way, enjoy your weekend.

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