It's been a fantastically hectic week, and we're only getting started. Reunion show tomorrow night at Twist in Metairie, and the last brainSTATIC podcast before we refocus and relaunch happens Sunday night. Come have fun with your friends!

Giant Water Balloon

The Slow Mo Guys have arguably come up with their best summer trick yet.


I have been on a huge "Alternative" kick lately, and the Friday posts for the forseeable future are going to reflect that.

Also being reflected (How's that for a transition? Whee!) soon on this site, the new brainSTATIC! Also, we're getting closer to announcing the new podcast. The cat may get out of the bag earlier, but it will definitely be announced at the last brainSTATIC podcast on August 30th. That's the day after the reunion show on the 29th at Twist here in Metairie.

Anyway, on with the weekend and such. For this weekend, I'm going with Arctic Monkeys. I couldn't decide between these two, so I'm going with both.

Minesweeper. Yes, That Minesweeper.

Just when I thought Minesweeper was relegated to whispers from days past. . . someone is instead ramping it up. Severely ramping it up. Can you find 38k+ mines? If you can, cinemassive is taking applications.

Car Seesaw

Japanese game shows never disappoint. I don't have too much more than the below video, but Kotaku has a bit more info on it.

First Person Airport Luggage

This seems a bit overkill for a system to get your luggage to your plane. Granted, I have no concept of how much luggage this system doesn't lose as opposed to how much it does. I would imagine machines leave less room for human error, but that's my inner IT person talking.

Strapping a camera to document the journey is somewhat akin to a kids' roller coaster at Disney. In full screen, that effect gets amplified.


This is a version of Grease I would actually watch. Andy Rehfeldt is the man who is taking us to the weekend.

Don't forget, the reunion show is August 29th at Twist of Lime in Metairie, and the last brainSTATIC podcast is the next day.

Hateful Eight Trailer

Pardon me while I nerd out over the latest Tarantino trailer.

Japanese Flip Books

The frame by frame animation I made at the bottom of my school notebooks doesn't even compare.


Have a good weekend, everybody. Too hot to type more.

DIY Holograms

You can turn your smart phone into a small hologram generator with a pretty minimal amount of effort.

Death Metal Rooster . . . And Dog

Ben sent this to me.

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