Another entry from Ben. Have a good weekend, everybody. Live show Sunday around 730p Central time. Sign into Ustream and say hi!

Worst Fight Scene Ever

Or maybe it's the best? Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee have nothing on these guys. This is awful acting, directing, choreography, camera work . . . I'm not sure there was anybody on set at the time this was filmed that knew what the hell they were doing. If there were, surely they were heavily influenced by all the suck around them and began to fall into lower tiers by proximity.

Ben sent this to me. We can all thank him for this.

Woman Befriends Eel

Put another animal in the "can be friends with humans" list. Not a dolphin, not a dog, not a cat. . . how about a moray eel? While the eel in question was at first a bit tepid about approaching Valerie Taylor, the relationship has evolved to the point where the eel seems to act like an excited puppy when she comes around now.

Self Healing iPhone Case

I've been pretty impressed with my Otter Box. Whenever I decide to upgrade, however, this might compete for my extra dollars. (via engadget)


We made it to the weekend. Let's dispense with the normal babble. Enjoy it, y'all.

Nerf War . . . Escalated

It's silly. It's obnoxious. It's Nerf wars with sound effects, music, and some pretty good video editing.

Reddit Profited From Leaked Celebrity Nudes

Man. How many celebrities got their cloud hacked?

When my friend asks me which celeb got hacked in the fappening.
You have no doubt heard of the massive leak of celebrity pics that have leaked onto the Internet, right? Much of this was done via Reddit. For 6 days, the pics were up, and in those 6 days, Reddit made enough money to power their servers for around a month. The full story available at Wired goes into a lot of detail that makes you wonder if Reddit should at least consider giving back some, if not all of that money.

Worth mentioning, there are still Reddit forums where you can see people die, and there's another entitled "SexyAbortions", so their morality compass has always been a bit askew.

Imagined By Kids

The script and voices are done by the kids. The rest is done by adults. It's like the Axe Cop comic was brought to more . . . grounded scenarios. Sort of.

New Schedule / Volcano Up Close In HD

So as I outlined verbally in episode 120, I can no longer commit to updating for sure on 3 days a week. For this reason, I have changed my policy to this: I will update 3 times a week. I will try my best to keep it on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The web traffic patterns suggest most of you come to this site once a week anyway, so for you it will likely be business as usual. I am going to try to keep the Friday posts going as well, though they may start getting posted later in the day. We'll see how this goes and evaluate as needed. That sounds so corporate, doesn't it? I should strangle myself with my imaginary tie.

In the meantime, here's a video that came across my feed. Full screen and HD are a must for this uncomfortably close view of a volcano. The video is titled as "Man Dives into an Exploding Volcano", but I think it's misleading. "Man carefully climbs down and walks up to the edge of a volcano" I guess doesn't quite have the same ring to it.


Wired has compiled a list of "The Most Absurd Creatures on Earth . . .", and some of it involves some good nightmare fuel.


I am behind, but I'm catching up. Sometime in the next week, I will post the new update "schedule" for the site. My new work hours (as discussed in the beginning of episode 120) make my current Mon-Wed-Fri schedule unmaintanable. I have a few ideas, but nothing I'm ready to commit to just yet. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

For this weekend, a cover of one of my favorite songs from games. The original is fantastic. This version is a bit more mellow, and that's the tone I'm going into the weekend with. See you guys soon.

Episode 121: So Much Care

Featuring: Nick, Melissa

Apologies / Suicide / Ben calls at the end to remind us that we actually try to make people laugh occasionally

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