Motorcyclist Sticks The Landing In Accident

I've watched this a few times and I can't decide if it's staged or not. I'm leaning towards not. If it's not staged, then the title for this should fall into "Never Play The Lottery" territory. If it is staged though, it's still pretty cool. This guy's either lucky or good . . . perhaps both. If I keep watching dashcam footage, I'm eventually going to want one.

Skip to about the 18 second mark to get straight to the point.

The Blackest Black

NASA doesn't just get the cool toys now. They also get Johnny Cash-worthy colors. There is a version of black that absorbs 99.5 percent of light. It's so dark that "it's impossible to see when it's folded". NASA plans on using the material to help trap unwanted light around their telescopes, so they've shot the material to space for further testing.

Strangers Help People Stuck In Burning Car

There's a lot to despise about humanity. The service van that can't get around this incident fast enough is a good example. Look, however, at all the people that stopped to help out this poor woman and young child inside. The YouTube video description has more info on what happened if you're curious. The short version is that without any action on the strangers' part, this likely would have been fatal for the people inside the car. (via Jalopnik)


For this Friday entry, a group I don't necessarily care for all that much, a song I don't necessarily like all that much, but a message that I think's important. (Please note, I don't dislike it, just not my normal "thing"). Have a good weekend, everybody.

Bad Panoramics

Thanks to Ben. I needed a good pick me up. Horribly failed panoramics are a good start.

No Words

I said enough on my Twitter. Rest in peace.

Video From Last Night

Video from the Ustream session last night.

Episode 119: 2 Damage

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Chris, Melissa

Ben's kid gets approached by a poo-eating obsessed kid / Derp Report / Jacksonville Jaguars' unusual motivational sign / 3 million dollar RV / Man accused of humping driveway

Video available on YouTube

Episode 118: Paid To Be Here

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Chris, Melissa

Nebulous reunion show announced / TFC 5 on 5 fighting / Nick feels guilt from watching football

Video available on YouTube

Live Show Tonight

We plan on hitting the air around 730 central time.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Ack! I'm late! Sorry! Here's Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Trent Reznor in the same video! Ah!

8-Bit Soundtrack: The Matrix

Have you ever wondered what The Matrix might sound like if they replaced the entire soundtrack with nothing but old school video sounds? You're in luck. Thank you Ben for bringing this to my attention.

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