Tour De France Legs

I'm not going to pretend I know anything about cycling or the Tour De France. I will comment that the picture in this link was a bit surprising to me and kinda gross. If you want to see what kind of abuse cyclists' legs take, go ahead and check it out. Just to reiterate: it's kinda gross.


The Destiny beta has gone public with some of the best music I've ever heard out of Marty O'Donnell. Coincidentally, he was unceremoniously dismissed from the company not too long ago. If reports are to be believed, he settled for the pay he was owed. He's got that going for his upcoming unemployment. Very few details came out about that incident, and the gossip monger in me really wanted to know what  caused the sudden departure. We may never find out. So be it.

I'm talking about a man who I'm not even sure contributed to the song I wanted to post for this week's Friday post. I actually don't think he did. Oh well. I rediscovered this song recently, and I want to post it. I have that kind of pull around here.

I'm babbling. Have a good weekend.

Portal's Dark Secret

Well, it's a theory that it has a dark secret. The inanimate Companion Cube has become a popular theme for cosplay (Look at me tying things into previous posts!). Valve's "character", however, might be harboring something a bit more sinister in nature.

Peter Griffin Cosplay

I'm not so lazy that I'm going to get away with just a picture of a puppy for your Monday. Not yet anyway. How about some cosplay? I've seen some elaborate costumes, but this one is really simple. Cartoon simple. The voice is what takes it over the top.

Good Morning

How can you tell when I don't have anything prepared to post? Small furry animals are typically involved.



R&B is not a common genre in my playlists. The harmonies of Boys II Men, however, rarely fail to capture a good emotional vibe. This is despite the fact that they tend to insert what I like to refer to as the mid-song-speech where a guy just has a "hear to heart" with some unknown woman. That never sat well with me. You have these beautiful tones that get interrupted for  . . . somebody rambling? I guess some enjoy it, but I never did.

The video below is cliche-ridden to the point where it might be cringe worthy at points. Beaches, wind blowing silk shirts, all that. The song, however, is the perfect way to enter the weekend.

Female American Ninja Warrior Completion

This woman is in better shape than you. Don't get me wrong, she's in better shape than me too. Shocker, right? Kacy Catanzaro becomes the first woman to qualify for the show's contest they hold in Vegas.

Kitten Wants Nothing To Do With Bird

Poor bird. He just wants a buddy. This cat is having none of that, however. I'd comment more, but you're already watching the video, aren't you?

Video From Tonight

Episode 117: JuggleOno

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Melissa

The Derp Report debuts / Death Metal Batman / We would pay all the money to watch ICP perform with Yoko Ono / Lube olympics

Video available on YouTube

Episode 116: Fired

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Melissa

Opposing viewpoints of Sirius XM's talk show host Anthony Cumia's unceremonious firing are discussed

Video available on YouTube

Live Show Tonight

We're going to get things going in the next hour. Talk to us via the Ustream chat!

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