Gone Fishing

Every now and again I take a hiatus from posting to the site. The next week or so will be one of those weeks, and I will return to my regular posting schedule around the New Year. This isn't to say I won't post *anything*, but I won't be here much. I've asked Melissa to post in my absensce and she said she'll oblige.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has continued to push this site, as our numbers continue to go up every year. We are a small site, but we are growing. We do not advertise, so please continue spreading the word about us if you enjoy what we do here. We have a lot planned for 2015.

In the meantime, have a good holiday. See you soon.


AC/DC released their new album recently. The album title? Yeah, I'm not fan of it. The music? Unmistakeable. Have a good weekend everybody. Can we start it with a nap? I need a nap.

Video From Last Night

Here's the embedded recordings we did last night. We had a ton of fun doing these. If you've been away from the show for a while, these are good episodes to get back in with. If you're thinking about sharing this with a friend, I think these are a good way to introduce us. Thanks again for all your support in making 2014 our best year yet. We got bigger plans for 2015. Take care of yourselves and the show will be back in January.

Episode 129: From A Glitter Cannon

Featuring: Nick, Melissa, Ben, Chris

Recorded with episodes 127 and 128

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra singer sounds like Will Ferrell / Bassist for Delain ruptures testicle, finishes show anyway / Go Hard Like Vladmir Putin / The inevitable mash up happens / Mariah Carey's Christmas performance gets defended

Video available on YouTube

Episode 128:

Featuring: Nick, Ben, Chris, Melissa

Recorded with episodes 127 and 129

The Tomb Of Nick Cage
discussed further / Somebody over at MSNBC only just discovered Furries . . . and doesn't handle it terribly well / YouPorn sponsors an eSports team / Criminal wins the lottery / The Let's Play phenomenon is discussed

Video available on YouTube

Episode 127: Shirtless With 2 Backpacks

Featuring: Nick, Chris, Ben, Melissa

Recorded with episodes 128 and 129

The new studio is christened with Boonesfarm and red solo cups / Evil Stick / Devil Giraffe / Death Whistle / Former Creed singer Scott Stapp is broke and might be crazy / Melissa's band The Tomb Of Nick Cage debuts a new song

Video available on YouTube

Live Show Tonight

We are in preparations now for what will likely be our final show of 2014. Tune in and say hi via our Ustream, embedded below for your convenience! I'm so thoughtful.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Live show this Sunday, December 14th. We're likely getting started around 730-8pm Central time.

This cover was brought to my attention by Melissa. It's a really cool, haunting, modern take on a classic.

And for reference, here's the version I was familiar with. If you haven't seen the film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", allow me to formally vouch for it. Some of the best "old timey" music you'll ever hear. This version of "O Death" gives me chills.

Abstract Tech Ideas Visualized

Fans of the podcast probably know of my jealousy for Ben's artistic eye. His webcomic is my favorite, I have no bones about saying that. This is not about his work, though. This is about another graphic designer conceptualizing a way to look at data. I'm a total nerd for this stuff. (via WIRED)

High Resolution Earth

Time lapses like this seem to present the idea that our Earth itself is a living, breathing thing. If you have 4k resolution, this video will run in that. 1080p and fullscreen is an absolute must. Happy Monday, y'all.


Our last live show of the year will likely be on December 14th. I may be able to pull out another show late-month, but that is looking more unlikely than likely. Regardless, you should tune in. We're hoping to have a full crew on set, but either way, it should be a fun time.

In the meantime, let's go into the weekend with Rob Cantor's "Shia LaBeouf". It's pleasantly odd enough. Thanks to Melissa for letting me know this exists.

Laser Watch

It's a watch that shoots lasers. Lasers. Out of a watch. This beats your smart watch. This beats your regular watch. Watch watch watch. (via engadget)

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